Out of(f)line

The last couple of weeks I’ve felt a need to disconnect. Phone off, laptop closed, nothing to distract me from enjoying being here and now. Spring cleanse in the form of a digital detox… Continue reading

Love more. Live harder. Unite faster.

Full moon is always an opportunity to ponder the events of the past month. A lot has happened these last weeks. I laughed and cried. Loved and lost. Lived and learned. Returned to Los Angeles after three months in Central America. Met old friends and made new ones. Bumped into my old self and embraced a new me. Continue reading

Dream. Explore. Discover.

It’s been little over two weeks since I arrived at Vida Asana and I feel like there’s already too much stories to tell. I found this place on the worldwide web looking for volunteer possibilities in February. It caught my attention since it seemed to be combining many things I am passionate about: yoga, surf, healthy organic food and permaculture in an ecolodge near Playa Hermosa, Jacó. Sounds pretty amazing right? Well, it is. Continue reading

Let nature be our teacher

Two years ago, Puerto Viejo was the first place I visited in Costa Rica. I ended up spending half of my time here, happily trapped in the vortex of this Caribbean beach town. Serendipity brought me to Finca Inti, where I got my first permaculture experience while volunteering there for almost a month. Continue reading

Go with the Flow

Since I left Ometepe in Nicaragua I’ve been on the move quite a lot. Jelena – an amazing woman from Croatia I met in Sri Lanka this year – and I continued traveling through Nicaragua together. We went from Ometepe to San Juan del Sur, where we tried escaping from the tourist party crowd going to beautiful Playa Maderas and eating in tiny local ‘sodas’.

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Merry Happy

As the moon finishes her cycle, the days begin to lengthen, the earth completes another journey around the sun. These are great times of reflection and retrospection. Of leaving behind what we no longer need and taking along the lessons learned.

For me it has been a year full of introspection. Maybe the mantra I lived by most throughout 2015 was this powerful piece of wisdom that Gandhi preached:

Change the world, start with yourself.

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Journey within

One week has gone by since I arrived in Ometepe, an island in South Nicaragua. It’s one of those places where time dissolves and you find yourself wondering whether it’s been a day or a month.

I’m staying at Finca Zopilote, a permaculture farm where you can volunteer – minimum stay two months – or just visit and enjoy the amazing beauty of the place and its surroundings.
Sleep in a hammock, shower in the open air, eat organic produce, yoga every morning and afternoon, learn about permaculture, and much more… A little piece of paradise for sure.

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Be Here Now

Day three in San José. I didn’t expect to still be here, but it’s been a good reminder to not expect things to always go smoothly – especially not in Central America.

Sunday morning, I arrived in San José with $1 cash and no access to my credit card… I called the bank first thing Monday morning, they told me I should be able to withdraw money by the next day. So I decided to wait and postpone my trip to Nicaragua, even though I really had itchy feet.

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On the road again

I’ve been traveling for over three years now and still haven’t got used to taking off and saying goodbyes. It freaks me out every single time. I guess it’s always scary to step out of that comfort zone again, no matter how much it expanded already these last years.
So yes, leaving LA after three months was kinda hard. But it’s no real goodbye, only so long…

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